Wish: A Shadow of Reality

Men (and women too, but I’ll use my gender only to refer my feminine counter parts) live in two states. One is reality and the other one is what they wish, their dream. Lucky are those, whose wish become symmetrical to their reality.

I am, unfortunately, not the part of these golden folks. I am an average man, still running behind my wishes, in a hope, one day my wish will be my reality. Honestly speaking, I’m not sure, if it could ever happen in my lifespan.

When I was young, I was too emotional. I used to burst in anger, cry in insults, jump in joy. But, over a time of two decades, I learnt the art of controlling these emotions. Now, I respond to my emotions in a limited way. It was my wish, an intermediate one, to control my emotions. And, I achieved it with a learning of twenty long years. Still, sometimes, it breaks the limits.

The Shadow
Wishes: Shadow of Reality

Wishes are the shadow of men’s reality. It always starts stretching where our physical limit touches the ground. It depends on the angle of light source, from where it falls on us. The top the light reaches, the wish shadow assimilate with the real us. That’s why, perhaps, blessings come from the top.

And, when the wish meets the reality; men tops on their emotions. Men dictate their emotions. Men laugh, men cry, men yell, men smile; all in controlled way. May be that’s what is called attitude. May be that’s called maturity of men.

I have walked down for two decades; I have no idea, how many more years I have to walk, to see the light is on top of me? However, I have one thing, set in my heart; I have to walk, till I die.

And, I will.


2 thoughts on “Wish: A Shadow of Reality

  1. Quite a day to have read this post chief!

    I am old but only because I was born in 70s. I still get sad over insults, jump in joy and cry when hurt.

    Even my dreams are umpteen…no idea when will they turn into reality.

    But I will walk, for walking is all I know.

    Excellent post!

    • We all have to walk, and walk till our dreams come true. Ironically, the moment we stop walking for our dreams, we seized to live. Probably that’s the idea of our life.
      Thanks for your comment. I’m honored.

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