The Window and Rainwater

The Window and RainwaterThe droplets formed many prisms on the windowpane. Thousands of tiny drops trickled down the misty window, leaving trails of water, as if racing against time. The sound of the rain outside was music to my ears. The only sound was a deep sigh; a wish, if only this would continue until eternity. If only the dark clouds hovering above would devour me. Cut me from my world and lull me in all its eternal grandeur. Sitting by the window, I was thinking – where had I gone wrong? Was it my principles or it is me?

Does that sound very familiar to you? Many of us, on a rainy evening, just sit and retrospect about the things that have gone wrong in our lives, with the big question “Why?” Thoughts like – “Why was I stood up by my friend that day?” to “If only I had made the other choice, I would have been in a better state than I am today” lingers within us. Just like the obscurity outside, our inner-self engulfed in bleak thoughts of yester years. Moreover, it has happened to all of us at some point of time or other, on gloomy rain-soaked evening. The drama of our life has only three characters. It’s – them, the others and I. The struggle is always to decide which among these three is right; and that determines the life of ‘I’. The string that binds together these characters in life are the principles that each of them hold. Many of us spend chunk of our lives blaming ‘the others’. However, very few of us realize that life would not be the same without them. Their presence makes life a great teacher. They are the real providers of the experiences that enrich our life and make us grow as a human being. These experiences mould our ‘so-called’ principles that sometimes restrict our perspective and stop us from breathing freely. Moreover, the catalyst in all this, in all its majestic glory, is the omnipotent confusion. Sometimes, so easy to overcome… yet, at times, hard that this confusion becomes a habit, a part of our lives.

On that evening, I pushed myself more into bleakness as I delved deeper into these thoughts. Events came to me unannounced and uncalled for. I had many ‘the others’ in my life and confusion is like my constant companion. As I watched the drops of rain, I saw enlightenment.  A realization dawned upon me. Just like the drops that rush down and at the end of the window, eventually vanish, so we all will do. You, me… everyone. The drops seemed like us, rushing with our lives, every second of it, at the end of it, wither away someday or other. Life is short, why not like it. Why not value the presence of ‘the others’ and cherish the warmth of ‘them’ in our lives? Why not we just enjoy solving the puzzle that confusion throws upon us every time?

What a thought, I felt I am breathing, after a long time. Guess rains are not bad. I threw open that close window, just like my mind; I let the cool breeze touch my face. Through the pouring rain, I saw little stars in the sky, twinkling and feeling reborn.


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