Year 2010: A year for my personal gains

In few hours the year 2010 will be a part of history forever. It’s not only a year is closing, but a decade is also deporting to the history page.

Till the beginning of 2010, I was spending my life in rhythm, which most of the regular corporate managers spend… Objective… Deadline… Presentations… again the Objective… The vicious cycle was never-ending.

I have started the year 2010 with same pace and was on my first tour for the year, when I encounter with death. It is grey in color with no sound. The day I met with the road accident and had nine stitches on my head, changed my paradigm about the life I was living.

The first thing I learned on that day, good men do exist in this universe. I still regret for not able to thank the man who took me to the nearest hospital, get the doctor to put the stitches on my head, guard my belongings and then left without taking my thanks.

This accident left me with enough time to ponder over my daily routine, my passions, my wishes and life.

I realized, what I was doing was a dark tunnel with nowhere to go, nothing to claim as my contribution. I was away from friends, family and life.

I was happy and contended only for my professional goals and happiness, meanwhile my self-satisfaction was ignored. I was escalating the corporate ladder with economic freedom but my inner soul was deprived with happiness. My passion for films, music and friends were history for me.

During this time of convalescence, I realized I am living a life of dead. I decided to re-born and my outlook towards the life changed. I want to live for me; for my family, friends and more importantly with my passions.

I recovered, resumed my regular professional life, however, it was a changed person. My team mates complimented me for my new style. I am enjoying my professional success and at the same time I got back my life for my passion for films, music, writing and friends. I learned my way to separate my personal time with professional requirements. My presence with family and friends increased.

During the sudden gain of break time, I come across a new medium called Social Media, and more precisely with my Twitter presence. This new medium brings me close to some extra ordinary human beings, few of them I meet personally and enjoyed their company and some of them I wish to see in near future.

A few buddies I gain during the year 2010, which are definitely worth mentioning since they integrated in my life and teach me how to enjoy life are Sanjib, Shilpa and Ulhas. I come to know them through Twitter and then slowly get to know them personally. I admit, I enjoyed their company more because I got the opportunity to learn from them more than just friendly chatting. Beside them I acknowledge my association with wonderful person Nilim Dutta, who has his style and attitude, which I found rare in an entrepreneur. I count me lucky to know him. And a special mention goes for ‘Manu’ aka Sumana, a wonderful sister; we share a lot common in our interest and it’s always a good experience to talk to her.

If I look back to the year 2010, I find, it’s more filled with gains for me than regrets, which is for the first time in my life. I never felt this containment ever in past. Once, I thought to list my “not-gained” for 2010 and I find my list empty. I am happy.

I am about to begin a new year and a new decade in few hours. This time, I have no New Year resolution. I only wish to have great communication and peace in the days to come; in my life and in the life of all people I know in real life and in virtual life.

With this I write-up my last blog for the year 2010. Wish you all a very happy 2011 and days ahead.