A Letter to P :-

Dear P,

This is the 14th year, I wished you happy birthday; but the wish will not reach you. I’m sure you will not read this letter too. I presume you must be celebrating with your family, but I am sure you are not getting the same Cadbury Fruit & Nuts chocolate bar, that I still buy for you.

Do you still have that same repulsiveness about using the computers? I still recall those days when I scrupulously tried to teach you how to use yahoo chat… But you never learned. You loved your water-colours and the painting nature. In fact, it was the water paintings that brought us together… I helped you complete your painting and in rewards I asked ‘you’ for me. I preserved those days in the locker of my memory, which I spent with you on streets, cinema halls, art galleries’ and music concerts. You knew it well; I used to go to your home at 4 am every day to take your elder sister to jog along me, not because my interest was in helping her to reduce her obesity but to make sure I can see your face first in the morning.

It was your birthday only, you asked me to meet your mother. I was very happy and merrily reached your home with a Fruit & Nut bar. But I could never gift it to you… nor I can utter a single word when your mother told, you are getting married to a bank officer.

I spent sleepless nights to understand what went wrong. I was angry… I was devastated. I felt cheated. But a little hope was there, you will come back someday. And you did that too. One day, you came to give your wedding invitation card. That day I promised to myself, I will never see you again. Our ways were separated and I promised myself never to intercept yours with mine.

Its 14 long years since then I haven’t seen you… Do you still think about me? I know… You don’t. Let me tell you a truth today; I also don’t reminisce about you, except on your birthday. Because, it was your birthday, when I took your favourite fruit & Nut chocolate bar for you to wish, which I could never did.

However, I still celebrate your birthday like this and will do in future, because I have frozen my feelings for you, but couldn’t bury them.

I don’t love you now… I shouldn’t probably… both of us have walked past 14 years of our lives and I will make sure our ways should and would never intercept each other.

Take care & be good.

Never yours,


4 thoughts on “A Letter to P :-

  1. feeling scared after reading this…wondering when i have to face the same in the months to come what would i do..at least i wud have my dada beside me to lend me a shoulder… u brought me to tears really..

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